3FM Solutions aims to conduct its business - MS Consultancy, Power conditioning, Automobile supply and Special manpower Services- with minimal risk to the health, safety and Security of our people, the environment and the communities in which we work. We are committed to the prevention of injury, ill health and accidents while protecting the environment in a consciously responsible fashion.

Our business activities are governed by stringent HSSE principles designed to ensure best practice and compliance to all regulatory ,legal and other requirements relating to the HSS Hazards and Environmental aspects to which 3FM Solutions subscribes.

3FM recognize and accept her duty to protect the health, safety and security of all visitors to the company, including contractors and temporary workers, as well as any members of the public who might be affected by our operations. However, It is the duty of each employee to take reasonable care of their own and other people's welfare and to report any situation which may pose a threat to the wellbeing of any other person. All injuries, however small, sustained by a person at work shall be reported.

Where we do not have direct control, we deliberately engage to exercise positive influence.

At 3FM, our Health, Safety, Security and Environmental responsibility-like our quality obligations- remains permanently at the epicenter of our businesses .

This HSSE policy shall be reviewed for continuing suitability in conformity with the realities of our HSSE system and continual improvement.

Managing Director.
5th January, 2016