At 3FM Solutions, we provide the best and most reliable power conditioning equipment for Home, office and travel purposes. Our affiliation with Belkin and Trillion enables us to conduct wholesale and retail of excellent surge protectors with high precision response time and energy absorption to protect your electrical equipment from power surge, lightening, thunder and radio frequency distortion.

'The Belkin Place' , owned by 3FM Solutions provides varied range and classes of surge protectors for electrical appliances including compressor driven appliances such as air conditioners and Freezers. Our Trillion-designed 'Defenders', fitted with digital display of current and voltage whose operating settings are adjustable depending on local power regimes remain second-to-none in air conditioner surge protection.

The cost of repairing an electrical or electronic device damaged by power surge can be annoying! 3FM offers high quality specialized and general purpose surge protectors that keeps your mind at rest while your appliances are in service.

Whereas Belkin manufactures people inspired products and enhance the technology that makes living easier, better and more fulfilling, 3FM Solutions brings these products to the door steps of users. With highly skilled support and involvement of every team member from the CEO to the least personnel, we engage in direct sales and distribution to offices, homes and industries while providing technical support for clients that need it.